How to silence a drain

I just set up my 10 gal sump under my 40 breeder. I have a Quiet One 2200 which is 581gph. I used to have this sump under my other 40 gallon tank and it was fine using the HOB overflow.

The water is draining into the sump and its cming down fast! Its making bubbles and just too much overall noise. I am guessing that the previous set up worked well because I was only using 1/2" return pvc and it had to loop over the edge of the tank. On my current set up the return just basically goes straight up so it may be getting to much gph. I am going to add a ball valve and turn down the pressure some.

My question is what is the best method of silencing the water drainign into the sump?
I have my return line feeding into a filter sock which helps with bubbles and noise. I had to extend the drain line so it was underwater in the sump too. New plumbing will quiet down some when it gets coated with growth.

It may be as simple as making the hole in the cap of your durso a bit bigger. If you are pushing more water through then you were before it may be exceeding the capacity of the hole to let air in to offset the suction created by the flow of the water. Just make small changes. Find out what size the current hole is and then go up one drill bit size, test it, if OK then done otherwise keep going until drain is quite.

May not be the issue but if it does not work a new cap is pretty inexpensive.

Also just check to see if the hole is restricted/clogged. You may just have to clean it out.
Its definetly not the durso cap at the top. I adjust the hole correctly and even used several different caps. The flow is constant its just a lot of water causing turbulence in the sump.

I also have the drain submerged appoximately 1" under the water level. I was thinking of trying this....

What you think about this method?


Kind of like what this guy did.....
I would put the line further under the water in the sump, add a filter sock, or put a ball valve on the return pump turn it down a little so not so much water was coming back down.
OK sorry wrong end of plumbing :oops:

Noise in the sump is an age old issue.

Many ways to skin the cat.

Some do as Rick suggested.

Othere make bubble towers.

Here is what I did.

Cut the tube to be right at water level. Put on a 90 and add another tube as long as possible and then cap it. The horizontal tube should be half to three quarters in the water. Cut a bunch of slits in the top side of the long horizontal tube. This should quite it down but it does create some air bubbles. To get around that I added another tube over the horizonal tube to sort of sheild it.

Hope that makes sense.