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Hey everyone, 
my names Chris, I joined DFWMAS awhile back but never got involved. Today that will change! I’ve lived in Fort Worth for 5 years now after moving from San Diego / Orange County. 
I love it here and wouldn’t ever look back.
I’ve been in the reef keeping hobby since 2007 when I started with a biocube 29.
[Removed Link] is my TOTM thread back in 2010 when I was about 24. since then I’ve moved all over the country, taking my rock, fish, and glass box with heaters and circulating pumps are hanging out my trucks window to wherever I landed. I am now here for good. Got married, have the dogs, my koi pond, and a home to call my own.
My current setups are a little crazy so hang on.
my main display is a 120 hybrid t5/led combo running full apex gear with a macro algae display fuge. It’s been up and running in some form for almost 10 years now. I also have a peninsula 15 water box in my living room full of rock nems and torches with a pair of clowns. These are my “enjoyment” tanks.
I recently decided to do a mini-Melev and convert my out building into “the coral barn”. In the barn I am running 2 50g lowboy tanks (1 glass and 1 Advanced Acrylics), a 60 anemone cube (thanks Marc!), and a 49 breeder system with a pair of laying mocha storm clowns. 
I have really put all of my hobby effort into reefing as it’s what keeps me busy and out of trouble. I have a fb group called “country coral farms 2” that I post some of my grow out on, and there’s also a “business” page although I haven’t completed my LLC yet.
in the building I also have all the broken toys other people throw away. I enjoy tinkering and fixing things so I have a small LFS worth of dry goods from pumps/skimmers/lights/uv etc that needed a little TLC.
looking forward to meeting more folks at frag swaps etc, and I must say, southern hospitality is REAL, especially with this hobby. All my closest friends here are other addicts. Well that’s my rant. 
thanks for reading!
[Removed Link] is a small photo dump of some of my favorite pics/video

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Posted by: @capzir Hey everyone said:
Hi Chris and Welcome! 
Looking forward to meeting you either virtually or in person at one of our hobby club upcoming events. I found volunteering to be a great way to meet a lot of people, and the upcoming 6/18 Frag Swap needs more volunteers to help with the Bounce Back award distributions as well as table setups/cleanup. 
With your tanks, you might want to start threads under these areas:
  • https://dfwmas.org/community/tank-builds-up-to-100-gallons/
  • https://dfwmas.org/community/tank-builds-larger-than-100-gal/
Loving your excitement!!!


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Hey Chris, welcome to the forums. If you want to edit your post to fix your links, go for it. Or post them in a reply.