Help with TDS (FOUND)


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Hi my name is james and i live in allen. I just got a used ro/di unit and i wanted to make sure the water coming out was ok to put in my tank before i use it. I ordered a tds meter but would really like to test it today. If there is anyone in allen or close by that would be willing to loan me one for like a hour I would be greatly appreciative. You can call me at 972 801 7387, Thanks everyone
@theturk wrote:
Where did you order the tds meter? said:
well i did some research and for the money i thought this would be the best bet
i hadnt finished my order yet and i decided to take tds meter out of my shopping cart because they sell these at my local target with a filtration pitcher for 21.99 best deal ive found so far and it works great and matches the reading of my lfs device that cost him 50