Help - nem hiding?


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Hey Guys -

Added a beautiful RBTA on Sunday and all looked great until Wed AM. See pic below.

This AM I came out and it had drawn in under the rocks.

Here are tank stats:
Mag: 1200
Calc: 400
dKH: 9-10

LED AI Prime fixtures (see pics for settings).

Is lighting too bright?
Is he hiding to split?
Is something else no good?

Everything else in tank seems happy.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

How does it look now? AM isn't the ideal time to check on anemones unless you run your lights all night and the tank is dark all day.
Still hiding. I was hoping when I came home tonight all would be well, but he has drawn further under the rock than in the am.
Don't worry, They do move about until they find a spot they like. I have 12 of them and they move if I make flow adjustments they are not fond of but they eventually settle back in. Just make sure they cannot get sucked into any over flows or impellers. [smilie=surprised.gif]
Worst case, you will have to pick up that rock and pivot it to make the anemone face outwards.
Good news is it's settled in the back and you can see it during the daytime. Thanks for the thoughts. Is my Alk high? I thought the range was 8-12 dKH.

Next question: last time I had one the clowns just knew to host. Ideas to introduce mine to hosting?


Most people aim for 8-9 on their alk, especially those that use calcium reactors. You are correct that most will say that 8-12 is the "industry standard", but I feel 11-12 is too high. The most critical factor is alk stability. Find the number that works best for your system and keep it as close to that number as possible with little to no fluctuation and you'll be just fine.