Gorgeous new RBTAs


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At the frag swap I picked up a large chunk of live rock with two RBTA attached. Got them acclimated and put in the tank yesterday.

One has stayed at the top of the rock looking fat and happy. The other left the rock and went into the cave where my tang usually hands out overnight and is barely visible at this point. I don't have any of my corals fixed yet so I'll wait until he gets settled and then fix all the corals. Hopefully he will settle on a spot soon.

Just had to share how pretty and nice this guy looks even with crappy iPhone photo! :)


Hopefully the clowns will find it soon. They are young and still flit around different spots of the tank they don't have an established territory yet.

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@Mike R wrote:
Beautiful said:
I think so! I'm really excited. I know they can be a pain if they move but I won't glue any corals down until they settle so I figured now was a good time to add them. Everything is still quite flexible.


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