Getting back into NANO REEF with a JBJ RL-45.

Parameters all doing as expected, I am going to run another test today, for AK, CA, MG, PH.  The other ones Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are been as expected. 
Some updated pictures, everything good so far, added a flame angel and star blenny,My staghorn coral on the top is bleaching, I think I created that problem ,last water change, I left the tank without water at the top for a while I was cleaning some of the filters after that I saw the bleaching :-(, still polyps are popping during the night.    But everything else looking good so far.Flame Angel is behaving, no serious nips in any coral,  (I hope I do not jinx it)View attachment 6092
So far so good, it is behaving and no nipping on corals or clam. It thinks is the boss of the tank, he always showing off dominance towards the starry blenny, but both fishes were introduce the same time, sometimes I just think they are playing.  It stays away from the clowns, spotted dragonets and goby 
looks great. A LFS in duncanville had a tank at one point with GSP across the entire backwall. Looked amazing.
Well this will be the last post of this thread, I have decided to upgrade to larger tank, things are doing so good on the tank that now I feel I can probably jump to larger tank, going for a 120G. The tank did so good that everything grew in it, SPS/LPS but it is to the point that I need to relocate corals because of growth or I get a bigger tank, I guess I decided for the later :)Last pic of it, I will be selling the tank and lights, pump, skimmer so will post it on the Drygoods.View attachment 9162
it is already on the Drygoods market place right now asking $600.00 (keeping one of my kessils ) or OBO, my install will be done on January 3rd, so the tank will be ready by 4th.