FREE pico tanks + livestock


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Hey all, 
I'm giving away what I have left from the hobby. Started from 90gal to these 2 picos, and still not enough time for what's left.
Fluval Spec III 2.6 gallon with an upgraded pump and Hydor rotating water deflector.
a clown fish
a sexy shrimp
a lot of Xenia
a rock anemone
two blue leg hermit crabs
a bunch of amphipods
some bristle worms
backside covered in coralline algae
live rocks and sand.
Lifeguard Aquatics 4.14 gallon with upgraded pump.
Only has a purple lobster, live rocks, and sand.
You have to take everything, I don't want to break anytime up.
Text me @ 469-877-5923 Mike Lee
Hi Mike,
I'm interested in both tanks and if you are in(near) Fort Worth/Dallas, I can pickup everything today/tomorrow, or at your best availability. Please let me know.

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