Free coral for beginners


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As a standing offer, and an attempt at boosting activity on the boards I'm offering a free frag to anyone in the group who is starting a new tank, or turning a FOWLR to a reef.  I've enjoyed being a part of this community, and would like to give something back.The rules are as follows:1) You must post a build thread, with pictures, before requesting your frag.2) While I may offer a few options, the frag is going to be something I have extra of, and is appropriate for a new tank.  This might be GSP, zoas, a softie, whatever.  If it warrants it I'll consider a head of frogspawn/hammer if I still have a ton of it.3) You must pick up the coral, or meet at my convenience.4) At this point I'm not requiring people to be an active paying member of the club, but I do encourage you to be.5) A current water test is required, Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, Ca, Alk, Mg.  I advise buying a test kit, but if not you can get these tested for a small fee at several LFS.
I don't mean to bind things up and I may not be the "ideal" candidate but, I've been out of the hobby for nearly 10 years and just restarted a tank August - would you consider me a test subject? I can write my blog on the forums and have pics from when I started?
Sure, I'll consider you a test subject.  I should make an addition: The build thread here on DFWMAS should be linked in this thread.
Posted by: Carlos G This is such a great offer! I'm sorry I missed it when it was first posted. said:
Seeing as the traffic here's been pretty light I'm inclined to expand it a bit.  Link in a build thread on here and I'll count it.