Frag Swap 2023 - August 5th Arlington (volunteer sign-up thread)

Fish Think Pink

Club Secretary
Staff member
Board of Directors
Date: Saturday August 5th, 2023
Time: Noon to 3:00 PM (11 AM Premium Member Early Bird Entry)
Where: Bob Duncan Center - 2800 S. Center St, Arlington, TX 76014
FREE admission

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM - Setup
11:00 AM - Noon - DFWMAS PREMIUM Members only
(Make sure you are able to pull up your membership card on your phone ahead of time to enter early.)

Noon - 3:00 PM - General public
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM - Seller floor closes, vendor cleanup.

Please leave message below, if you are interested in:
  • seller space
  • planning event details
  • helping day of event
Likely this Swap will be similar to last year Spring Frag Swap everyone enjoyed, details in this link:

Buyers: The event is FREE
Things to remember to bring:
  • Insulated container for your corals
  • Money
  • Corals you'd like to trade
    • Donated corals are appreciated
      • reach to @Fish Think Pink (Lisa) to ensure space in 5g tank for your donated coral(s)
    • Donated corals will be given away (in raffle or as donor wishes)
  • Corals
  • MORE (TBD)

Sign-up is under other thread:

Seller Tables - hobbyists and sponsors - sign-up info above:
  1. (sponsor) your club itself Dallas Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS)
    1. club use table, staffed by volunteers (please sign up below)
    2. raffle giveaway item display, including contents of frag 5 gallon tank (unless club upgrades to bigger)
  2. DFWMAS - Premium Members' Bag and Grab Table (NEW TRIAL IDEA)
    1. Bags priced FREE to $15 max per bag
      1. goal #1 - return to frag swap roots
      2. goal #2 - all corals stay out of the trash and get a home
    2. Prearrange swappers/traders/sellers limited storage under table
      1. arrange in Forum Marketplace
      2. when its closer... its still March as this is announced
  3. @hnurge (Hans) corals - half table
  4. @hnurge (Alia) plushies - half table
  5. @Joserb6 (Jose) half
  6. @Joserb6 (Jose) half
  7. @Cougarzluv (Rebecca) half art
  8. @Cougarzluv (Rebecca) half corals
  9. @Cedar Hill (Sonya) Half earrings
  10. @Cedar Hill (sonya) half accessories
  11. @Drex (Drex) half coral
  12. @Servo (R) half coral
  13. @ciscojr82 (Captivating Corals) half coral
  14. @infy (Eric) half coral

Waiting list for seller table:
  1. @Gatorbait01 (Jerone) half coral

Volunteers on August 5th - please reply below and your name will be added to list:
  1. @Fish Think Pink (Lisa) all day (3): setup, event and cleanup shifts
  2. @winky8888 (Ron) all day (3): setup, event and cleanup shifts
  3. @hnurge (Cheryl) all day
  4. @murraycamp (Murray) all day (3): setup, event and cleanup shifts
  5. @IowaKGB (Nick) DFWMAS Bag & Grab Table coral help
  6. @samc727 (Sam) DFWMAS Bag & Grab Table coral help

Please refer above
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