Frag Swap 2023 - August 5th Arlington (volunteer sign-up thread)

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DFWMAS Frag Swap 2023
Date: Saturday August 5th, 2023
Time: Noon to 3:00 PM (11 AM Premium Member Early Bird Entry)
Where: Bob Duncan Center - 2800 S. Center St, Arlington, TX 76014
FREE admission

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM - Setup
11:00 AM - Noon - DFWMAS PREMIUM Members only
(Make sure you are able to pull up your membership card on your phone ahead of time to enter early.)

Noon - 3:00 PM - General public
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM - Seller floor closes, vendor cleanup.

11am Premium Member (paid) Early Bird Entry
Noon All Members and Public FREE Entry
12:30 silent auction #1 ends
1:00pm raffle
2:00pm silent auction #2 ends
2:15pm pickup any unsold corals else go to raffle
2:30pm raffle
3:00pm event end – start of vendor cleanup

Please leave message below, if you are interested in:
  • seller space (signup in Premium (paid) thread)
  • planning event details
  • helping day of event
Likely this Swap will be similar to last year Spring Frag Swap everyone enjoyed, details in this link:

Buyers: The event is FREE
Things to remember to bring:
  • Insulated container for your corals
  • Money
  • Corals you'd like to trade
    • Donated corals are appreciated
      • reach to @Fish Think Pink (Lisa) to ensure space in 5g tank for your donated coral(s)
    • Donated corals will be given away (in raffle or as donor wishes)
  • Corals
  • MORE (TBD)

Sign-up is under other thread:

Seller Tables - hobbyists and sponsors - sign-up info above:
  1. (sponsor) your club itself Dallas Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS) - confirmed
    1. club use table, staffed by volunteers (please sign up below)
    2. raffle giveaway item display, including contents of frag 5 gallon tank (unless club upgrades to bigger)
  2. DFWMAS - Premium Members' Bag and Grab Table (NEW TRIAL IDEA) - confirmed
    1. Bags priced FREE to $15 max per bag
      1. goal #1 - return to frag swap roots
      2. goal #2 - all corals stay out of the trash and get a home
    2. Prearrange swappers/traders/sellers limited storage under table
      1. arrange in Forum Marketplace
      2. when its closer... its still March as this is announced
  3. @hnurge (Hans) corals - half table - confirmed
  4. @hnurge (Alia) plushies - half table - confirmed
  5. @Joserb6 (Jose) half - confirmed
  6. @Joserb6 (Jose) half - confirmed
  7. @Cougarzluv (Rebecca) half art - confirmed
  8. @Cougarzluv (Rebecca) half corals - confirmed
  9. @Cedar Hill (Sonya) Half earrings - confirmed
  10. @Cedar Hill (sonya) half accessories - confirmed
  11. @Drex (Drex) half coral - confirmed
  12. @Servo (R) half coral - confirmed
  13. @ciscojr82 (Captivating Corals) half coral - confirmed
  14. @Gatorbait01 (Jerone) half coral
  15. @Servo (R) half coral (another half) - confirmed
  16. @glassboxgallery Trung DFW Coral Gallery - confirmed (2 half tables aka whole table)
  17. @wnewsom (Wes) 2 halfs - 1 for coral and 1 for art - confirmed
  18. club will make use of last 1/2 table unless someone speaks up in next couple of hours (ideally, text Lisa - volunteer Secretary)

Waiting list for seller table:

Volunteers on August 5th - please reply below and your name will be added to list:
  1. @Fish Think Pink (Lisa) all day (3): setup, event and cleanup shifts
  2. @winky8888 (Ron) all day (3): setup, event and cleanup shifts
  3. @hnurge (Cheryl) all day
  4. @murraycamp (Murray) all day (3): setup, event and cleanup shifts
  5. @IowaKGB (Nick) DFWMAS Bag & Grab Table coral help
  6. @samc727 (Sam) DFWMAS Bag & Grab Table coral help
  7. @IowaKGB (Kelly) DFWMAS Bag & Grab Table coral help

Please refer above
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Bag & Grab Table will use both Silent Auction for those wishing to sell a few corals. Free corals will be bagged and available on side of table.
My wife (Kelly) said she will also volunteer to help with the Bag & Grab table. She might have to work that morning so has asked to be a tentative as she might be a little late.
Raffle donation by DFWMAS member - new in bag, unopened Aquaforest Sea Salt! Makes 200 gallons of saltwater!

AquaForest Sea Salt 55 pounds aka 200 gallons.jpg
Please support generous sponsor Reef Rax who has donated products for raffle giveaway during upcoming Frag Swap event!

Reef Rax 1 of 5.JPGReef Rax 2 of 5.JPGReef Rax 3 of 5.JPGReef Rax 4 of 5.JPGReef Rax 5 of 5.JPG
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Please support generous sponsor Reef Labs who has donated products for raffle giveaway during upcoming Frag Swap event!

Reef Labs.JPGReef Labs box contents.jpgReef Labs reminder to fill and close.pngReef Labs logo.png
Please support generous sponsor Slide-Loc who has donated products for raffle giveaway during upcoming Frag Swap event!

Slide-Loc 4 of 4.JPGSlide-Loc 5 of 5 Skimmate Stein Mug with Beer inside.jpgSlide-Loc 1 of 4.JPGSlide-Loc 3 of 4.JPGSlide-Loc 2 of 4.JPG