Flame Angels Aggression and Sex Changing


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So, posted this to Reef Central as well. Hoping someone may know here...

I have a large flame angel male and did not know that two males will fight to the death. So, i went and got a 2nd one to attempt to breed these guys... Turns out... Both are male... No good. Right now, i have the second smaller one in a 5G aquarium INSIDE my 150G aquarium with an acrylic mesh wrapped around the top of it. Would this allow them to interact an not be able to attack each other and possibly change sex? Or should i return it and try to find a female? Is this a possibility or could i just be out of luck?
It may slow down the aggression of the current one in the tank, but if not you might just be out of luck. I have no idea on if they change sex or not. I might take him off your hands depending on price and location.

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