Finished My 100-Gallon Move

After about 16 months of planning and building, I finally got my 65-gallon contents transferred to my 100-gallon. Here are some of the details and pictures (taken after I finished setting it up last night):

- DIY Canopy and stand made out of maple and maple ply to match my kitchen cabinets
- Mag-18 closed loop plumbed through an OceansMotions Squirt
- Trigger Systems sump
- Mag 9.5 return
- EuroReef CS6-1 skimmer (for now - may get a bigger Trigger Systems skimmer)
- BlueWave VII 250W HQI ballast with 2 RO III pendants
- 2 x 110 VHO Actinics

Great to be done with this.
Thanks, Bill. People probably got tired of me telling them about my "new tank" for the last 16 months.

Wow Lee, it looks good. You did a good job on the stand and canopy. I am sure you are glad to have it fininshed.
Looks very nice. If I remember right I bought a yellow tang from you. I remember the 65 gallon looking nice as well if this is the same person.
Thanks for the compliments all. I am very proud of building this - it has it's share of blemishes in person, but I am no carpenter.

Chris, I was the one who sold you the Tang (is that the one that was lunch for the carpet anemone I saw you posted? :shock:).

Thanks again all. Time to go check-up on the plumbing - I'll be paranoid for the first few days.

Yes it was me that posted about the anemone eating my tang which was the one I got from you. It was a bubble tip that ate it but I don't know if the anemone actually killed it first or if it died and the clown brought it to the anemone. Or could of been just floating around and anemone got it. It was unfortunate to lose it cause I liked it alot but it was also cool to see mother nature at work.
Yeah, it is too bad, but that stuff happens. The anemone was probably fat and happy after that meal. :lol:

That looks great. We want to see the belly of the beast though.... Let's see that colorful sump!

I'm surprised a Mag 18 works with an OM SS. I thought 1400 gph is the maximum allowable flow.
Thanks, Marc. I'll get some shots tomorrow. The Squirt is about 3 ft from the Mag 18 with a couple of 45 degree bends and has a max input of about 3/4" so I think the headloss, combined with the 45 degree bends and the 1.25" pipe I'm running from the Mag and 3/4" input of the Squirt put the Mag 18's output below the 1400 gph threshold. I've got a ball valve on it to throttle it back if needed.

Here's some pics on how the Squirt is plumbed at the top and the sump. Bulkhead on the left is for future use. Egg crate on the left side is temporarily holding filter socks to cut back on sand storm and will be removed in a few days.
Looks great!

Make sure nothing, and I mean nothing can hit that closed loop intake or your tank will be empty in no time.

My Euro-Reef used to look like yours, and it was noisy. I recently purchased the silencing kit from Premium Aquatics for $40, and my sump and skimmer run silently now.
Thanks for the comments, Marc. The closed loop intake is pretty safe now that it is close to the wall in my breakfast area. I would be totally hosed if that thing broke loose. I actually used Uni-Seals rather than bulkheads in the closed loop, drain and Squirt outputs in the perimeter bracing on the tank. They seem to work well on this and my seahorse tank. Kind of scary how much pressure it takes to push the pipe through even using Magic Lube as a lubricant, but once you get the pipe in they are solid.

By the way, what is the silencing kit for the Euro-Reef you are talking about? Is that the same as the gate valve kit?

Yes. I ordered mine a week ago, and Anthony Patrick got his a couple of days ago. Here's a picture of what it looks like now.


This was necessary to avoid the hollow burping sound. It sits loosely on top, and was simply something I had lying around.