EcoTech Radion G3 Problem


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Can anybody help me please. One of my Radion's stopped working yesterday and the buttons are flashing red and blue. I have tried to reboot, unplugged them for a couple of mins and they will turn back on like for 1 second max and the shut off. The fan still runs but lights off and buttons flashing. I'm scared of losing all my sps on that side of tank with no light.
I don't use Radions personally so can't offer any assistance, but have you tried contacting their customer support? I've often heard they provide excellent service.
I tried today but they close at 4pm so Ill try tomorrow.. how long can sps go with out light before they start to die off?
Will your mounts allow you to move the working light from one side to the other? Or could you temporarily move the working fixture so it's more centered? If so, you could raise it higher so give you more spread and help keep everything going until you can get the problem resolved with the other one.
Well I call customer service and they are shipping me a brand new light no questions asked.. Great customer service