Domino Clown Eggs Hatching Tonight


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I'm a hobbyist of 2 years and my dominos had their 3rd batch of eggs. 1st batch didn't hatch and 2nd batch 10 babies but only survived about 3 day. I do have another tank set up but don't grow plankton/rotifers and still trying to learn all the technical aspects of breeding. I was out of town and have not been able to order rotifers and was hoping there is a pro in the area that can come see my set up, bring live food and help me raise these babies. The clowns are healthy and have spawned 3 times within 2 months so I think they will be a great pair for breeding. I have a 130g they clowns are in (eggs on a rock with the anemone so I've just pulled that rock out and used the same water from tank and put in my 30g hospital tank). I was planning on buying a 10g tank tonight which should be better. I have the heater, air stone, light...

Please call my cell or email me and come help! I'll either pay you for your time or we can discuss getting a baby(ies). I don't think I have time to get stuff from liveaquaria in time so please help! Really want to keep improving the success rate and get some babies. If you have extra supplies or can tell me what store to go to that would be great!

I live off 423 and Eldorado in Little Elm, a few miles west of the tollway.



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Did you keep the rock submerged in water when you removed it? Why not use rigid tubing and suck them out after they hatch? Do you have a rotifer culture going? Have green water or RG Complete to feed your rotifers? How much water do you have in the fry tank? You mention your clowns have spawned 3x in 2 months. What color are the eggs when they are laid? Mine spawn every 12 days with hatch night on day 9. My last hatch resulted in 291 making it through metamorphous and are in a grow out tank now.


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Yes, I kept them in water. I have several other fish and would be afraid they would get eaten since I can't monitor it during the day while I'm working - I may try the rigid tubing technique next time. I do not have any rotifer culture, green water, etc. Tried ordering rotifers online 2nd batch but just learned you have to enrich them so its suitable for the larvae and didn't do that. Its a 10 gal tank. It probably closer to 1 month. The female looks like she's getting fat again already, not sure if she'll lay eggs soon.

I'll try to post picture. They did not hatch last night. All of them look good, can see their eyes. Sounds like you would have the supplies/expertise to help me out.....