denellum's 13.5 Fluval Evo Tank (Work in progress)


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Live Stock : Japanese Leather Hammer Coral Torch Coral Utter Chaos Zoa Candlelight Acro WWC Green Tip Clove Polyps Neon Blastomussa Neon Duncan Red Digitata Setosa Mummy Eye Chalice JF Jedi Mind Trick JF Jack-o-leptoCleaner Shrimp : Rufus 2 Picasso Clowns : Bonnie and Clyde Tiger Pistol Shrimp : Dean Yasha White Ray Shrimp Goby : Sam Fighting Conch : SUB Blue Leg Hermit : Blu Red Leg Hermit : Hermes Tons of small snails lol.Equipment : Apex Jr : Apex PM1 Moldule : Apex Feeder : Lab Grade pH Probe: Fluval Evo 13.5G Tank : Alex Drawer Unix : Nanobox Tide Plus M : Cobalt MJ1200 : Koralia Nano Powerhead : Bubble Magus QQ1 : Filter Sock (x3) : 50W Eheim JAGER Aquarium Heater : Marinepure Ceramic Biomedia 1 1⁄2” Spheres : Media inTank Basket : Chemipure Elite : Osmolator Universal 3155 Auto Top Off - Tunze: Auqa Gadget Spin Stream Nozzle : Project Reef Rock 2.1 Dry Rock : Cooling Fan : Contact Custom Glass Cutout Lid : ContactTank :1st Chamber (From Left) : Filter Sock Marinepure Ceramic Biomedia 1 1⁄2” Spheres2nd Chamber (From Left) : Apex Feeder Media inTank Basket Chamber 1 : Chemipure Elite Chamber 2 : Marinepure Ceramic Biomedia 1 1⁄2” Spheres3rd Chamber (From Left) : Cooling fan Osmolator Universal 3155 Auto Top Off - Tunze pH Probe Temp Probe 50W Eheim JAGER Aquarium Heater Cobalt MJ1200 (connected to Spin Stream)Tank **** : for the lights, ill take better pictures here shortly.
all in all about a year now.It's a condensed down biocube 29... the cube was just too much to move, the 13 gallons is literally twice as easy ;P (gotta love that apartment life)The cube was started back in september of 2012!
Wow, the tank has changed alot since I last saw it a couple of weeks ago when I bought your Hanna testers.  Looking very nice with the corals!
Posted by: tinhorama Wow said:
Yeah I swapped out the old clowns, they were extremely aggressive... for some Picasso’s. And then the coral really makes everything pop :) been on top of my dosing and nutrient levels for everything. Takes about 30 minutes a night, but once everything gets extremely predictable I’ll change to doing it once a week. Should be next week :)  going to be setting up my 30 gallon cube again for a frag tank for trades and give away s. Won’t be looking at selling, just want to share the love! how are things going for you btw?!
sounds exciting and looking forward to seeing what your going to be growing in your frag tank.  Check out my build here: have the apex now configured, just waiting for 1 more part then I can complete the plumbing and add water this weekend and do some aquascaping.