Custom 44 split breeding setup incoming

View attachment 1744Getting back into breeding wife has limited me this time on a smaller set up so I'm taking a 44 tall and splitting it down the middle. I'll be updating pix when I get the broodstock. Hoping to breed clowns and maybe something like mandarins. All I need to do is paint the stand and canopy then get a mag 8 or 10, a phos reactor, and a filter sock then I can put water in and start looking for the breeders


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<hr />Awesome, excited to watch as others breed. I am slowly getting into it, but pretty much impossible to raise my yellow tail damsel fry. Hoping my clowns start laying soon. Keep us posted, looking great so far!
Ok got a few updates on the setup. So the blue tub sprung a leak so I replaced itwith a tank. The overflow was crap so I double drilled the tank with the fish in it.... that was an interesting process. I got the brood stock which is a set of Wyoming white juveniles who are now adults and showing signs that they may be spawning soon. Also finally paired up my mandarins the female was mean and it took a large male and now they are paired although the female is still a juvenile they will be spawning soon I will add pics when I get a chance
By the way I keep the hair algae long so the pods can grow large without being decimated by the Mandarin gobies. Breeding tanks never look pretty. my pod population is extremely strong all parameters are stable and it looks like I may be raising babies in the next six months or so