CA precip help


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I was working on my dosing pump and I think that the suction on the CaCl line was broken and I dumped some CaCl into the tank.

The pH shot up to 8.75 and the tank is now very cloudy. I have turned off the lights, and am waiting another 15 min for my water change water to be ready, and then I'll do a 10 g water change.

Anyone know a quick way to remove CaCl precipitation?
might see where you alkalinity is at you will need to bring that into balance to stop the precipitation ...... i would call bill at neptunes cove he might have some answers for you
Thanks Pampee.

The only problem with doing that would be that I would need to have an alk of 11-12 dKH since my Ca was already in the 450s. I don't think that raising the alk rapidly is such a good idea. I just did a 10g water change and I'm making some more water right now. Hopefully it will fall out of suspension soon.
Starting 2 clear up. Looks like a lite dusting of snow fall on the glass. I can see my 2 clowns, but no corals yet. I think adding a filter sick helps. Thank goodness that wasn't the alk part of the 2 part. That could have been real ugly.