Bug report: Pictures rotating

[I went to upload these on another forum and had the same issue, so it must not be a bug here. ?I rotated the pictures, saved, then rotated them back and saved again. ?It seems they are working now. ?I don't have an explanation, but I don't think the bug is on the forum side.]
I've run into this on another site, also. ?Some software has the ability to read the orientation data in the pictures (for example, the Preview program on a?Mac does this). ? So it'll appear right side up because the program is automatically "fixing" it when it displays it, but when you load it to a forum it shows up as it actually is. ? ?As you've found, the easiest fix is to open them up and force it so save them again with the right orientation. ?It's kind of annoying but it's not actually a bug, just one system has a "feature" that the other doesn't. ?:)
I often times have to upload images from my phone to my Mac, then save it in the right orientation before uploading them to a forum or facebook. ?Kinda wish there was a way to pivot an image post-upload, but...