Blow pop zoanthids only opening in the morning?


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I've had these blow pop zoanthids for 4 weeks now, and I can't figure out why out of the 10 polyps I have, only 3 stay open thru the day, I have noticed that when the lights begin to ramp up from moonlight to full intensity all of them start to open and stay open for a couple of hours, by the afternoon only the same 3 polyps stay open. Would this by any chance indicate either too much light or too little?, can't figure out where to place them. Flow is the same in the morning vs afternoon. I have given them a close inspection and dip but don't see pests. Currently have them about mid height. I have other zoanthids and candy canes that are happy, at about the same height or lower.
What color lights are you running? If you just keep them under blue lights will the stay open?
have you tried lowering them to see if they like that? I would try different locations and see which they like best.
Under blue lights they do stay open for longer, I just got new lights this weekend, they seem to like it better, as now most of the polyps are open thru the day. I haven't moved them yet, waiting to see how they like the led new light, it is 373 watts full spectrum and running 15% white 40 % blue, I can tell even at that setting it is really bright, don't want to bleach them. It is way more power than the previous 47 led watts total I had before.