Billy's 200g Cowboys Themed Tank


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ok, I've never done a build thread before but I'm going to give it a try. ?We've been wanting a 300g for awhile and love the 300DD from Marineland. ?However, we just couldn't find a location in the house where we could see it where we spend most of our time (Basically by the TV). ?So, I came across a tank on craigslist that is the same depth but its 48x36 instead of 72x36. ?I guess its a 200DD. ?We found a place for it that would work, not the ideal place but it works.I purchased the tank off of Craiglist but the stand was in really bad shape so I purchased it without the stand. ?I got a couple of quotes for a steel stand and a custom wooden stand. ?I then came across a thread on DFWMAS where someone was selling a stand with the dimensions I needed, 48x36. ?I thought that was extremely lucky. ?It came with alot of extra equipment that I didn't need, but I wanted the stand so I bought everything.
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Elos has a tank with a cool stadium in it towards the front of the store. ?What type of Cowboy's theme are you going to do?
Funny that you mention Elos! well that stadium was purchased by Billy; but he has a cool story about the stadium after he purchased it.
The stadium is the same one that was at Elos. ?Its in the process of being refurbished. ?It should be shipped back to me sometime next week.
I was a little uncomfortable with the tank and not knowing exactly how old it was. ?There was also a chip on the back corner of the glass. ?I wasn't sure I could really trust it not to leak so, I had one of our sponsors (Lone Star Reef) re-seal the tank just to make sure I could trust it. He re-sealed it with black silicone and did a really good job.
I wasn't able to get a fish out of that stadium tank at Elos during the bus tour, lol. ?Stand looks good! ?Looking forward to seeing this tank! ?Go Cowboys!!!
I had always wanted the stadium insert that ELOS Aqua Studios had in one of their tanks. ?I actually inquired about?a smaller one for a 90g I had. ?They gave me a quote but it was way out of my price range (more than the tank and equipment). ?One day Mike Rohl mentioned to me that ELOS was wanting to sell theirs. ?So Mike and I went by ELOS and I bought it. ?Over the years it had collected quite a bit of coraline and some paint had chipped off where a coral was mounted. ?I happened to post on DFWMAS Facebook?page I bought it. ?One of the FB page members asked who made it. ?Collin said Las Vegas Props made it, they've since changed their name to Custom Coral Creations. ?The same guys that does a lot of the props for the show Tanked. ?I took a chance and emailed them to ask what paints and colors should I use to touch up the parts that had peeled off. ?In a few minutes I got an email asking to call his?office. ?The email was from Denny Stanley who is always on the Tanked show. ?I couldn't believe it. ?Anyway, I called Denny up and as he was explaining the process and what products to buy, we started talking about The Texas Longhorns, who he is a fan of and the Dallas Cowboys who he also is a fan of. ?Before too long he said if I wanted to ship it to him, he would do all of the restoration for me.So, I sent it off to be restored. ?He's had it for about 7 weeks now. ?He's finished the restoration. ?We're just trying to figure out the best way to ship it back. ?It's pretty expensive to ship it UPS or Fedex.I'll post some of the before and after pics below.Denny Stanley - Custom Coral Creations
So very cool! ?I saw the stadium and was drooling over it when it first came in. ?Congrats and good luck on an awesome tank!
The stadium arrived from Custom Coral Creations. ?Should get it installed in the next few weeks. ?It's really heavy.