Benepet's Benereef food


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If you haven't started using Benereef in your aquarium, you're missing out.  Benereef contains a bunch of high quality food in powdered form (see the label for the ingredients), plus the addition of bacteria that helps in the background. Mix up a 1/4 teaspoon (per 25g of liquid water volume) in a cup of tank water, and wait five minutes for it to activate. You can broadcast feed this to your reef two times a week. If you want to target feed, mix it up more like a slurry and squirt it at each coral in the aquarium.  A really nice side-effect is that your glass will stay clean longer, thanks to that bacteria. That amazed me.  It won't affect your skimmer adversely, either.The best part is even if you overfeed your aquarium with Benereef, you won't see a spike in nitrate or phosphate.  And you definitely won't see cyanobacteria grow from this product - it's probably the most bulletproof dry food I've used ever. You can try some for yourself.  Pricing starts at $20 a jar: attachment 7750
Excited that Marc Levenson of Melev's Reef will be Keynote Speaker 2021 Aquashella Dallas 2pm Main Stage on Sunday 10/31/2021 (Aquashella Dallas is 10/30-31)