Banggai male not eating


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I have noticed that the last 4 days one of my banggai has not been eating. He is normally a voracious eater, so I am guessing that he is carrying eggs. He opens his mouth very slightly, but not enough for me to see into it. I hope it is because he is holding eggs and not due to any other problem. Should i set up a small tank in case he is carrying or is there a better alternative to house the babies? thanks in advance.
Another aquarium is fine, but not strictly necessary depending on your system. If you have fish that would eat the fry, then you only have one choice if you want to raise them. The bigger issue is how you plan to feed. You have about 20-25 days to figure that part out.

Keep in mind that the stress of relocation often times causes the male to spit out the eggs/fry. If you intend on breeding in the future, it's best to put the pair in a breeder tank from the start.

If this is your first breeding, you might just want to let things take their course, observe, read, and learn. Then gear up for your next clutch. I did this and it turned out that the fry pretty much took care of themselves. I didn't have to do much at all. With the second clutch, I took a more active role and actually had a lower survival rate. [smilie=itwasntme.gif]
Well I missed when he released. Noticed that he has begun eating again. About 22 days, after he quit eating he has begun again. I have not seen any fry though. Guess I missed this round
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Well I missed when he released. Noticed that he has begun eating again. About 22 days said:
Yep, about right, does your tank look exceptionally good today? All the frys/eggs consumed by the tank inhabitants. Its amazing how long Cardinals go without eating. Mine have babies all the time. I don't know how mine don't starve to death, they have so many batches.