Aug 12 Gathering and Giveaways at Dallas North Aquarium (public thread)

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August 12th Club Gathering - Dallas North Aquarium LFS

Our August club 'Saturday Gathering' will be August 12th. 'Gatherings' are different days than 'Meetings' based on 2022 feedback.
  • Club 'Saturday Gathering and Giveaways'
  • Saturday August 12th
  • 10am until 11am
  • Dallas North Aquarium (DNA) Local Fish Store (LFS)
  • 2910 E Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton TX 75006
FREE RAFFLE at 11am featuring multiple product donations!!
Please support our wonderful sponsors who donated the pictured products, making our club's Gathering & Giveaways at Dallas North Aquarium possible!

Mars API Fishcare Saltwater Master Test Kit, Reef Rax Single Plug Shelf, RedSea DipX, EasyReefs Masstick (food), Boyd Enterprises ChemiPure Blue, and Seachem Remediation (bio-augmentation to improve water quality)

You can show up early and get your name into those giveaways and if not still there at 11am, if you put your number then Secretary(me) will text you to come back/pickup. Giveaways free to enter. Open to public.

WAHOO!! YIPPEE!! It is finally Saturday!! Goodies packed in car!! See you there in just a bit (it starts 10am - Raffle at 11am)!!