Aquashella volunteers May 18 and 19 to help club table and event itself (sign-up thread)

Fish Think Pink

Club Secretary
Staff member
Board of Directors
Aquashella May 18 & 19 at Dallas Market Hall
If you would like to volunteer, then please sign up below or reach out to Fish Think Pink thru this Forum or email

Saturday May 18th:
  • @Fish Think Pink Lisa (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @kKdTx Adrian (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @Cedar Hill Sonya (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @pesacdo Mario (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • Eileen Ellison (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @wnewsom (afternoon)
  • @kd35 (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @Servo Servo (morning)

Sunday May 19th:
  • @Fish Think Pink Lisa (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @winky8888 Ron (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @kKdTx Adrian (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @Cedar Hill Sonya (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @pesacdo Mario (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • Eileen Ellison (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @Karen Karen (morning)
  • @wnewsom (tentative but right now need more help, esp mornings)
  • @Aj AJ (morning & afternoon (all day))
  • @kd35 (morning & afternoon (all day))

Volunteers help the event go smoother. Also club is hoping to afford table at event, and if so, then volunteers help offset table costs!

Aquashella 2024 dates - Texas May 18 & 19.jpg

Like last two years, hobby club will be seeking volunteers. Sign up by replying below.

Location has not changed:


Like last couple Aquashella events, we are seeking 15-20 hobby club volunteers to help. More information will be posted here when it gets closer.

Here is link to 2023 most recent Aquashella event:
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May will be here in two shakes of a mermaid's tail! I have just pinned this post as a sticky for others to find...
If you aren't volunteering to help club with event, then it is time to get your tickets - they are on sale for Dallas!
Aquashella 2024 TX tickets on sale.jpg

We don't yet have nearly enough volunteers to qualify for a reduced table, but it is still a ways out. If the club does get a table, then be sure to stop by and say "Hi!"
Morning volunteers can gather at sign-in area:
  • 9am Saturday for training on check-in help (an hour before VIP, so we are trained and pre-check them so when the doors open, they can rush right in, and once all the VIPs are checked in, then we swivel to Saturday Early Bird check-ins)
  • 10am Sunday for training on check-in help (because most VIPs went in at 10am or later on Saturday, so Sunday Early Bird is the first big wave of people to check-in)

Afternoon volunteers will find me (Lisa) in the check-in area so reach out thru text if you have my number OR I have changed my phone for messenger alerts. You can also ask other staff you see around how to find me.

If you are there extra early Saturday, club booth I usually setup Friday (today) due to unexpected mom care today, I can't get there today to setup table. Saturday morning early, I'll unload all the table supplies, and booth 5114 volunteers may need a hand setting up/arranging table, putting club labels on magazines we are giving away FREE while supplies last, etc
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