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Hi guys,

Two months in and still letting tank mature. Noticed I have one aptaisia that shows up at night. My friend who got me started stated that aptaisia x causes them to spore out and germinate the tank. A few people I've talked to have been very vocal about their dislike of peppermint shrimp. I guess my question is, if I just have one of these guys sprouting out, what's the best way to deal with it?


I haven't had luck with aptaisia x just makes them worse. The best stuff I have used was joes juice works like a champ and doesn't cause an outbreak.

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I used to have one on my biocube years ago, i took the rock out and pulled it apart with tweezers till there was abdolutely nothing left, it took some time but it worked.
Removal is best. I have tried Joe's juice and Aptaisia X. They will work IF you follow the directions concisely. That last word is the trick. Do it wrong and you will have more. There is a dental tool kit at Walmart for $4.99 that has a hook on one end and a scraper on the other. This is great for removing them and doing other fine work in your tank. Another great tool set is a 12 piece double end stainless steel wax carving set. You can get it on Amazon for $9.00 and Prime. Lots of scrapers and paddles that are great for fragging/removing Zoas and other mat corals and removing Aptaisia.
First choice: Remove the rock, leave it in the sun dry for a week, put it back in the tank.
Other options in terms of ease:
Assorted chemicals, although they don't always get it completely.
Peppermint shrimp (make sure it's actually a peppermint. Don't feed the tank much and the shrimp will get them.
If you have an established outbreak, berghia nudibranchs (if you order some I want in on the order).

If there is one there are probably more.

Be thankful it isn't a majano, the only choices there are removal and (sort of) chemicals.
+1 baldguy, they make fair cleaner shrimp as well...not like the real cleaner shrimp,but fair...

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I would venture to guess that you have more than one in there. They can be hard to see. I thought I had one until I looked closely and noticed them all over the place including the overflow and sump! Buy peppermint shrimp from a LFS that has them in a tank with a bunch of rocks with aptaisia. They tend to not feed them anything and it makes their appetite strong for aptaisia! Put them in your tank after you have feed your fish and then don't feed for a couple or days. I have also used a high power laser (hard to find them now) to break down the bigger ones for the peppermint shrimp. Once they have done their task, they make good scavengers for left over food in your tank at night. Mine will come out when the lights are on now, to get in on the feeding frenzy.

I have had luck in the past with a syringe filled with calcium paste and just cover them up. It kinda works like Aptaisia X but without whatever chemical(s) they use. You just need to be careful not to upset your Ca/Alk balance. It was neat to watch the paste eat them up instantly! Good luck!
You're right about them being hard to find. While lights are on they hide in the rockwork. Pretty easy to spot after lights go out with a flashlight. I only have two and they do the job. I've never spotted any bonus shrimp and I do look pretty close on occasion.
I finally decided that DFW needs someone breeding berghia so I've set up an aiptasia tank as a food source. I have a couple dozen living in it, once I'm sure they can handle the temperatures in the upstairs of my house I'll get a berghia tank going. If anyone plans to order some of these let me know so I can get some breeding stock as I doubt I'll ever find the ones living in my display.
I haven't seen the nudi's, but the aiptasia on the rock I put them in on has nearly all vanished over the past couple days, so they're doing something. I'm still hoping they'll multiply because I think I'm still losing the fight overall. The aiptasia tank seems to be establishing though, so there may yet be hope for a breeding op.
Salty underground has a sale on berghia. Works out to ~$8 each after shipping for the quantities I'm looking at. Does anyone want to split an order?