Angela’s 110g Reboot


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starting a tank log (see my other post about the whole house flood natural disaster). Excited to be here again  My 110g tonight. (New bulbs already on the way.) love my little hitchikers corals. Nothing fancy I know but it feels SO good to have life on the living room again. Holding steady-levels at 0/0/10 Nitrate so I feel confident to begin slowly adding livestock. Thinking some goby/cardinal fish to start. Peaceful colorful and easy keepers.Planned potential stocking list: 
  • cardinal pair
  • sand goby to pair with pistol shrimp we hear in the liverock - considering wheeler watchman 
  • pink skunk clowns (so pretty) w/BTA
  • clown goby (for the kids)
  • blenny of some kind - love tailspin or Midas 
  • reef safe wrasse - Katherine fairy or red fin one male and two female 
  • coral beauty or tang of some kind ? 
Current clean up crew includes:
  • blue red and white leg hermits
  • red mithrax crabs and some other hitchhikers like decorator crabs and emerald crab for sure.
  • pistol shrimp (heard not seen)
  • snails - astrea, Mexican turbo bumble bee cerith limpet small conch (good hitchiker) and a fighting conch which is quite possibly the coolest snail I’ve ever seen.
  • two peppermints 
  • one serpent seastar
  • two cucumbers which are crazy alien looking and fun for the kids to watch.  
Very very ready to add fish and Beginner corals. I cannot WAIT. Check out the cute little corals thst hitchhiked on my liverock. :)AngelaView attachment 9088 


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Good luck on the new tank. It is always nice to get some surprise hitchhikers on LR--especially coral! I like your selection of skunk clowns with RBTA--skunks are so underrated.