Anemones *@@*ARGH!!


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So, doing a normal WC today and checking the Anemone tank and see that a Nem is stuck in a port to the over flow area. ARGH . . . the last one that did this split off the part that went though the port and made his way to the return. That was fun! So, OK, I'll watch him. Then my pen light catches another Nem in the overflow. It's small, about 3" in diameter but healed so he's been there at least a week. Ok, two to watch and catch.

Now we bought a Red Sea Max because we thought it was the safest Anemone tank. All flow pumps are in the overflow area and the openings on the overflow grid and ports are 1/4 to 1/8"" in diameter. Animals safe, owners happy.

Finish the WC and turn on only the return pump leaving all the flow pumps off so they don't get caught. I come back tonight to check on the one splitting and see two FULLY GROWN Nems at the end of the overflow. Both just sitting there next to the PH probe. Amazing. They had to be there for weeks. No color loss, fat and happy.

So, I will head to Jo-Anns and get latch-hook mat and secure the return to sump area, check BSR for better caged ports and step up my change to a better flow pump to replace the 4 flow pumps in the overflow area.

Life is great in NEM Land!!!!
I only snapped one picture during the whole adventure. For those that don't understand how you could not see them in the overflow, this overflow is 54" long x4" wide and 12" deep with black glass on all sides. Add pumps into the mix and unless you have all the flow off it is impossible to see the bottom. I ended up pulling 5 out of the overflow with another still in there. Once he moves within reach I can get him.[attachment=2]Overflow.JPG[/attachment]

This pic shows 4 of the rescues: right side of rainbow, left side of rainbow in rocks, behind rainbow (looks white in pic but pink) and directly above on left.[attachment=1]Rescued Nems.JPG[/attachment]

And this is the original that started this whole episode. If you look to the left in the back you can see him going through the port.

[attachment=0]Nem Escape (2).jpg[/attachment]

Once I change over to the new flow pump I need to decide how to use this area. Can be a refugium . . .
You found treasure. :) Or backup anemones. hehe