50 gal SCA cube ---next step coral


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Hello everyone,It's been over a year since I started this build and it's time for some beginner/easy corals.SETUP- 50 gal sca cube, AI prime, eshopps x-120, 4" custom sock filter, Jebao dct400 return, dual vca random flow generators for flow!FISHES-- 2 [Ocellaris Clownfish, Firefish Goby, Watchman Goby, 3 Yellowtail and 1 Sapphire Damsel ]CORAL---noda, nothing...... Looking for cheap and easy corals for beginners to add some color to my  rock quarry...lolAlso would appreciate advice for lighting settings for my AI prime, I struggled before with hair algae but got it under control!Advise is APPRECIATED...  View attachment 7057


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In tanks like that I always like seeing LPS corals like frogspawn/hammer/torch corals, candycanes, or plate corals (on the sand).  You might also try acans. You've got some nice space for a zoa garden, too.  Might also look for a nice chalice or monte for you rock ledges.I'd steer clear of quick spreading corals like GSP, xenia, or mushrooms.  They can quickly take over tank space.Nice tank!


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Looking good! Kudos for taking things slow and getting the tank established. I have some $5/head frags of green hammer and frogspawn that are easy to grow if interested. There is also a Frag Swap coming up the end of April that you should find some nice easy corals.