32 Gallon LED Biocube

Hello everyone,
[*]I was a member several years back and then got out of the hobby.  Needless to say, I miss it terribly.  I am considering getting the above mentioned aquarium and starting again.  I know it is kinda small, but my questions are, on a new aquarium, are there any changes I need to look into to make it coral friendly?  I know I will be limited but the lid on the aquarium makes it friendly in that I might be able to lock it up.  We have a special needs son that likes to throw things in water, which is why I had to get out of the hobby in the first place. Any help would be appreciated. 
I had a tank like this a long time ago and you can mod the lid to accept LEDs that will grow some soft corals without an issue, even some lps corals. If you do this, make sure you modify it with LEDS, if you mod it with higher powered bulbs it can run hot, then you have to mod it again with exhaust fans to dissipate the heat. 
An easier route would be to remove the lid and buy a mesh lid for the top, then you have a lot more light and skimmer/other hang on back options and could grow any coral you want. 
You can buy them from Octo or kraken, among other vendors.