32 Coralife BC, first SW tank

Awesome glad that help you figure it out, keep looking you will come across more all the time :)Good video on what to do on the PhosphateRX:http://www.dfwmas.org/community/melevs-reef/how-to-dose-phosphate-rx/Sounds like a good crew to pickup, should do nicely :)Your welcome, let us know if you need anything else!
Thanks Chris!!   Good video; I know what to do now.  I added 2 peppermints, 1 conch, a zoa frag, and a GSP frag.  I know I'll have more questions soon.  DNA thinks they might get another Tuxedo urchin in tomorrow, so I might be adding an urchin this week.  
Well done on your first tank! Looks good. Like everyone says all tanks will go through an algae bloom. Just keep on top of if early on with your clean up crew like you are. If you're growing microalgae you should be able to grow some macroalgae by now which will help steal some of those nutrients from the micro.Also you had asked about skimmers. There's huge debate on skimmers in smaller tanks and alot of people with biocubes don't run one. All depends on what types of coral you want and how heavy you want to feed. I ran two biocubes without skimmers and just did more water changes instead.