110 gallon build

Hello all, I’m getting ready to get back in the hobby since I’ve been having alot of downtime since becoming a dad. Lol my question is how heavy is too heavy for a canopy. I built the stand with 3/4 plywood but now I’m building the canopy out of MDF. Didn’t realize how heavy these thing are but is it safe to use 3/4 MDF or should I go lighter? What materials would you guys recommend for a canopy. I have invested way too many hrs on this canopy to find out it feels top heavy. IMG_8998.jpeg
Your above canopy looks really great. Canopies have been going out of favor, but I like them because my eyes don't like the lights needed for my corals. I also like them over covers as I feel it better gives surface airflow but I really just like having 'my business' covered on top.

Hearing MDF in association with an aquarium build, I just have to share this thread:

Anywhere it gets wet, I avoid MDF yet an upcoming kitchen remodel has beat up thermofoil cabinet doors that we'll peel, fix & sand and then prime, prime, prime and paint, paint, paint the underneath MDF to seal it (because we are cheap and can't afford replacing cabinet doors).

For maintenance and cleaning, I find having doors that open (or remove) in front (and sides) is easiest. My FOWLR tank has a canopy I have to lift to feed and do maintenance, and it has been getting really annoying as it is heavy. Looks nice because it is streamlined appearance from the front. My mixed reef canopy (and even stand) has support infrastructure posts, but is sheathed in 1/4" plywood with 1/2" plywood front likely because there are three doors that open in the front facing canopy to crawl in to do aquarium maintenance or feeding is easy by just swinging open a door. That 1/2" plywood just gives the hinges something to bite into and because of the 3 front large openings, that 1/2" plywood is really all cutaway (think the facing trim of some kitchen cabinets, similar to that).
I build mine as well. I used 3/4" Oak. It is heavy as H*, but I built it in a way that can be taken apart if needed.
The front doors open as normal and I added a sliding-up frame in case I need full-body immersion.
Seen RickyB's tank and it looks awesome
guys, what’s the best way to clear cloudy water after adding sand? I can’t get it crystal clear


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Time and Mechanical filtration like filter socks or filter floss. I’ve read skimmers can help, but not sure how well since you don’t have any dissolved organics yet. You could try running the skimmer wetter, and see what you get.
guys, what’s the best way to clear cloudy water after adding sand? I can’t get it crystal clear
@Crazytimmy04 Might your pumps be lifting your new sand back into the water column?

Asking because your sand looks to be very fine particles and your photo shows a very bare tank. Above are also good suggestions, with the emphasis on time, which will bring landscaping and more that breaks up the water currents. It tends to self resolve given time (unless pumps need redirected).