110 gal ProStar ProClear mixed reef build

Good morning, my name is Justin and new to the forum and the metroplex. Live in Rockwall and about to start my first Marine build, have been cichlid tanks for years now though. I work as an oil and gas consultant and currently out on my rig in West Texas. I want to know y'all's thoughts on my overflow. The ProClear has several slots at the bottom of the overflow and mid way up it, through research alot of people say this is a detritus trap, should I silicone this slots before filling with sand and water? Will post the updates once I get home, any advice is much appreciatedJustinView attachment 9596
Hi Justin welcome!Thank for posting your build, looking awesome so far!I am not familiar with the ProClear, can you post a pic or link to what you have?The main thing would probably be how accessible or easy to clean it is. My over flows and sump are a detritus trap, so I just clean them out once or twice a year and don't seem to have any issues. If it would be difficult to clean and sealing them up solves that, then I would do it. Maybe some else who have used it will chime in soon.Keep up the great work and keep us posted on the progress, excited to see how it goes.
Thank Chris, ProClear ProStar rimless are fairly new to the market. They don't make this model anymore as they are going to make the stands and displays taller to match WB and RS. I saw a review from Jake on ReefBuilders ( below link) and he was blown away with the beauty and even stated they look cleaner than his RS and WB. I went with this model mostly due to my height restrictions from where I wanted to place the tank. Got a great deal I think, $1,200 with freight delivery. Delivered in two boxes, the stand was assembled with the sump bolted down and display in other box. It is 110 gal full volume, 90 gal display with 20 gal sump. It is .5" low iron class and came with all the hard plumbing, going to change out gate valves and add a check valve. There really is not much out there on them, there is a build thread on reef2reef. I will update when I get home, leave my rig on Thursday then down to Exuma for some diving and spearfishing. I will be attending the coral show on the 22nd in Ft Worth, this will be my first Marine trade show. Thanks again and will keep y'all posted,https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hRO4fkmih94Justin
Hi Justin, I found your build thread.I think I met you at the coral show in Arlington yesterday. We were chasing around the raffle guy but I don't think either of us won anything.Your tank looks great. keep up the good work.Maybe I'll see you at the local club events. We have a club frag swap coming up next month.- Julian
Thanks Julian, i will show some pics from the corals bought at the show. I would like to go to a club frag swap to continue learning this hobby and gain as much knowledge as possible. I will not have anything to swap in a month, do people sell their corals at the swaps also? 
There is not much swapping anymore and people usually go to buy/look/socialize with the sellers who are signed up to sell at the "swap".