XL puffers need new home


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Anyone interested in a pair of puffers + their little cleaner wrasse buddy? (And have a tank big enough to house them? 300g minimum.) We’re getting out of salt water and I’d like to keep them together if at all possible 🤞🏻

Lincoln is a stars and stripes, about 12-14” long, we’ve had him since he was 2” long. Very docile and tame for a puffer, I’ve never seen him nip at another fish. He chills in his corner most of the day and is very interactive with his people.

Spork is the porcupine puffer, about 7-8” long. Have had him for about a year but he’s much more active than Lincoln. Likes to swim around with the other fish and will follow you up and down the tank.

Neither are particularly aggressive…they’re more tame than some of our tangs. If fed well they don’t eat coral either.

Send me a message if you’re interested or might know someone! I’m willing to drive them pretty much anywhere.


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