Wtb small tank setup 40-60 gallons


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Hello everyone, I’m currently seeking for a small tank setup between 40-60 gallons.
Please contact me if there’s one out there.



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I’d be interested in this too. What brand is it? Any pics?
The Peninsula is thick glass with reinforced glass braces at the bottom. Sorry, I'm not sure of the brand. I used it as a frag tank before I went with a low boy. I'll get pics this evening.

I also have a 110-gallon with overflow available.


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Hey mikesayen, nice setup what are you selling here? Need more info on equipments tank size, etc. thanks


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50 gallon cube rimless comes with pump skimmer sump with scrubber, lights with controller, sand, rock, some Coral. No fish included. $500 takes it all.
I have a wood stand and canopy I started for a 40G with plumbing setup behind to go down into stand…

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