Will the real Zoa please stand up?


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I see so many different pictures of many different types of Zoas.  For example, Armor of God, Purple People Eater, Utter Chaos.......how does one know which one is the actual named zoa, and which ones are mislabeled?  Does it just come with experience?  As one can tell, I'm a bit new to the game, many apologies for the silly question.
It will come with experience.   You just have to keep looking at pics and getting the colors and patterns down.   The real issue comes into play if someone is selling one implying lineage.  Such as GB Bowtie Killers or ASD Strat.   If you want to see a lot of these in person, come out to the next Texas Coral Fest in November.  Also, there will be a lot available at the club fragswap next month, though maybe not as many of the high end ones.
Thank you very much Opus!  Yes, I saw the frag swap on the calendar, I'm so there!  Pretty sure I'll be at the coral fest too, my little nano has become an obsession for me (is it strange to say I enjoy the maintenance and water changes?)GB/ASD/WWwhatever, I've been seeing those letters around and not knowing what it meant.  Lineage, meaning the person who 'came up with that morph' or 'first one to name' so to speak?Can't thank you all enough!
Correct, those are the ones that named them.  Unfortunately sometimes the same zoa is named by 2 or 3 different vendors.CC - Cherry CoralsASD - Aqua SDJF - Jason Fox - usually is at the Texas Coral FestGB - Golden Basket - also usually at the Texas Coral FestWWC - World Wide Corals SC - Sexy Corals - not sure if they are still aroundCB - Corn Bred - Ebay seller - likes to oversaturate his pics to make the corals really glow.  Also likes to put his name on already named corals and charge more for them.Tyree - Steve Tyree - long time person in the hobby and basically started the naming craze many years ago.  Sometimes is at the coral fest.  Some people don't like him but I do and like to talk to him when I see him.
Lol I actually was browsing eBay today and saw said Cornbread. And sure enough I was like, oooohhhh pretty zoas and platys. Thank you for that tid bit of knowledge!  Hope to see you around at the frag swap!<hr />