Why and How to Quarantine Saltwater Fish

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Why and How to Quarantine Saltwater Fish​


One of the dirty little secrets of the hobby is that fish a large number of fish come with parasites. Even though most of them look healthy when we buy them, and who would buy a sick fish, the stress of collection, transport, holding, and placement in multiple new tanks often leads to these parasites being able to overcome the immune system of these fish.

This problem, in my opinion, has gotten worse over the past couple of years as I am now seeing fish that I never thought got sick coming in with maladies I had not seen very often in the past. An addendum to this dirty little secret is that quarantining and treating these fish before adding them to a tank is the only means for reducing the likelihood of these fish infecting the entire tank, yet only a small percentage of hobbyists have a quarantine tank.

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article contains a LOT of information, but lacks another solid reason that in the DFW area in particular one needs QT ... time to acclimate your new additions to your salinity! I've found LFSs as low as 1.018 to as high as 1.028 here in DFW