Whats the story on this sherman rose anemone?

I've been reefing for 9 years and am an active member on reef central and nano-reef, as well as a board member of my local club (im out of state) i have never ever heard anyone but people in this club talk about "sherman" rose anemones... is this a local man that clones them or where are you guys getting this name from? very curious :)
There was a member by the name of BigSteve from <u>Sherman</u>, TX (small town north of DFW). He had an RBTA that was very hardy and had a tendancy to split often. The splits all had the same hardiness/tendancies.
The name was given locally to differentiate from "regular" RBTA's. Nearly all who have gotten a "Sherman" soon end up with 2, 3, or more.
holy smokes! i need one of those! ha ha ha... i kinda wondered why people were paying $80 for these.. even in iowa rbta's are only $40... good to hear guys!
The Shermans are really really pretty. Here's mine. The only light on that tank is a 150w 14,000K Phoenix DE bulb.

@reefmike appreciate Sherman history lesson! Giving this old thread a <bump> so it shows up in more recent posts as I think this is thread Lee was seeking from old DFWMAS website (that got ported over to current website).