What to do with a Dead Anemone

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What to do with a Dead Anemone​


Dead anemones are not only a shame, a loss of life, and a financial loss, if not diagnosed and dealt with quickly they can make a real mess of your tank. Here’s what to do if you find a dead or dying anemone in your reef tank.

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First, you need to ascertain if the anemone is dead or not. A shrunken or sulking anemone may still be able to be saved by improving light, flow, and water chemistry, or removing any creatures that are attacking it. Take a look at the animal in the tank. Is it still stuck there and just in a tight little ball? Or are bits of its flesh rotting and releasing into the water? A healthy anemone should stick to a rock or the tank glass. Unhealthy, unhappy anemones may float around in the water. A floating anemone is a bad sign.

If the animal looks like it is rotting in the water, and the tank is cloudy with bits in the water, you need to remove the nem. Any visible signs of it disintegrating and it must be removed in its entirety and disposed of. It will be dead, and will not recover.

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