What to do about rusty cabinet hinges

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What to do about rusty cabinet hinges​


Throughout our reefing lives, there are some issues that have a habit of repeating themselves, and one of those is a propensity for cabinet hinges to rust. The marine hobby has come a long way, but in order to get that cabinet furniture finishes and luxuries like soft close hinges, manufacturers reach outside our industry and instead have to buy from elsewhere, like the kitchen furniture industry.

This has pros and cons, the pros being that there are hundreds of modern, on-trend finishes for aquatic companies to choose from and now lots of extras like drawers, shelves, and baskets, which are just as at-home housing dosing bottles as they are tins, jars, and spices, but the cons are that they are not, and never were, intended for use with salt water. And that’s why we get rusty hinges.

More info (including info about greasing) can be found in this Reef Builders thread: