What is it, how do I remove it?


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I'm looking for some help in removing some of these from my tank. I have 5 of them. The largest one is around 7" diameter, but it's at the bottom of the tank so it doesn't bother me. The ones up top like this one are taking up too much real estate. Thanks for your help.


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Hairy mushroom. If you remove them people like to buy them. Can't hurt them too much like most other mushrooms. Take your scalpel and scrape at the base where it's attached to the rock to remove it. Keep working at it until you get it off. You can do it underwater so no need to remove the whole rock if you can get a good angle. Most likely one will grow back in the same spot.


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I'm pretty good with a scalpel and I have other mushroom removal experience. I'll help you remove them if I can have one. :)


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They are impossible to glue from all the slime. Either rubberband it or sew it to the plug. Keep it in low flow area till attaches.