What coral is this, and any other types of the same shape


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No idea what these guys are, or if this is in the right category. I just know i love the shape of these cone corals / cup corals and all kinds of other names i've seen them given. Would just like to know what they're called in the reefkeepers world to start looking for them. Some examples i found looking through google images. These are not my pictures!



From the pictures i've seen, and i've seen it on Tank Kings when they did an episode and they said it was a coral. They just didn't specify what kind. The ones on that episode while they were diving were huge though. Like 3 ft in diameter.
Just read a old book the other day and there was a lady who bred seahorses and hanhad a entire sponge tank. Was really different but really awsome, there is some nice looking sponges out there