Want to get opinions about Planet Peninsula tank dimension / size..


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I am considering to build a new Planet [Peninsula] Aquarium, and want to get your experiences and advise.
Do you think which of the following options is easy to maintain / better for coral placement and growing / better for fish? will 30" (H) too high and not easy to reach the bottom to maintain ? 
Any suggestion for the model / size of the sump I should use ?
Option 1 ==>  96"(L) x 30"(D) x 30" (H) -- 375 gals
Option 2 ==>  96"(L) x 30"(D) x 25" (H) -- 310 gals
Option 3 ==>  96"(L) x 36"(D) x 25" (H) -- 375 gals
Thank you in advance.