using tank transfer method for ich on angel fish and clowns


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       i just wanted to share my experience with ttm.  ive never used it before but it seemed like the best way to rid yourself of ich. fyi ive never had problems in these tanks with ich just being careful. i just setup a new tank, and i wanted to make sure i didnt transfer ich into my new tank. a little back story for the move. the only fish i have are 2 clowns. i used ttm and moved them over to a quarantine tank while i was waiting for new to tank to cycle.   i let the old tank sit fish less for almost three months prior to moving coral and live rock over because i wanted it to be ich free before the transfer of coral and live rock. the ttm worked great for the clowns. no discolor, no loss of appetite or weight loss.clowns, coral and live rock are now all in main display. now we are caught up. i bought my first new fish, a great looking flame angel. i put it in a fresh, new quarantine tank. he seemed very healthy and then on day two i noticed a couple of white spots. i waited till the next day and i saw more white spots. i decided i was gonna do ttm with him as well before putting him in my main display.  i used 2 5 gallon homedepot buckets with a pvc t joints and heaters for each tank. i moved the little guy every 3 days in the morning for 4 transfers total. i cleaned everything right after transfer and let dry for 2 days. i setup the new bucket the night before each transfer with tank water for main display so it had time to stabilize temp. he ate the whole time and was very active. i moved him to a clean tank to observe for the next couple of days and he is doing great. he lost a little color, im assuming because of stress but its coming back. so i used it on my clowns and my angel and it seemed to work great. im hoping my new tank is now ich free. a awhile back i had a couple of other tanks and i lost some fish to ich and/or ich treatments. they've never worked for me.  maybe im a goof, or maybe i just had bad luck but the tank transfer method has work really well for me and it seems im ich free at the moment. i will be using this method in the future if i have ich again. id like to hear any stories you guys have with ttm and if it worked or not for you. thanks for reading 
I've thought about TTM but don't really have the room to house a few additional tanks. I'm still doing 2ppm+ copper and food soaked in general cure with fusion. As a whole it works well, but have to stay on top of the water quality.
yea i almost didnt do it because of that reason but then i thought about 5 gallon buckets. i had plenty of room for a 5 gallon bucket. ive tried copper before and everything died. most people have great luck with copper but i just wanted something i didnt have to over think. with copper you have to have a test kit and copper to dose. with the ttm i didnt have to do anything special just move a fish a couple times from bucket to bucket. i wanted something that didnt stress the fish/and or me out so much. on top of that im pretty sure the most of the ich was off the fish by the second transfer which means the ich was no longer stressing him out by day 6.  good luck and be patient.  i would also look up stuff about garlic and marine fish. ive read its not bad in small quantities for a short amount of time but could cause issues long term. people have been using it for forever but i think there is more info out nowadays.  heres a couple good reads on it. most of the experts wont use it. like most things in this hobby, you have to get as much info yourself and make your own decisions. personally i think its a gimmick to get you to buy 20 dollar garlic additive. theres plenty of better ways to get your fish to eat.