Upgrading from 75g to 240g


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Was hoping I could borrow/rent a fellow reefer’s 100g+ Rubbermaid trough for a weekend? 
Wife has fallen in like with hobby now and we were fell into an upgrade. 
if this the wrong forum I apologize 
What's your location PhilMStudy for members that are located around you can help if that's ok with you 
Working with a specialist to replace top frame and center brace, wasn’t any visible bowing but the center brace detached during leak test and I stupidly didn’t level tank before doing that…
anyways, replacing top and bottom frame to alleviate doubt, that’s going to take 6-10 weeks to get in.
project is firmly on hold
Well, now upgrading to a 210. Wasn’t able to find trim I needed so bought a new tank instead. This new one is pre drilled as well so at least I’m starting off in better shape 
more details coming 
Tank is installed, filled up and fish are happy… did have two casualties from the move but that is to be expected.
major thank you to the great people at Glass Aquatics, helped make this as stress free as possible (and for putting up with my anxiousness)
will have pics soon, creating an entire album for this change over. 
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been too since my last update, tank is doing very well beyond a few minor new tank issues… 
this is Bruno, a dusky fairy wrasse… 
now have two spot bristletooth tang, gold lined rabbitfish, 3 springeri damsel, orchid dottyback, royal Gramma, Midas Blenny earmuff wrasse and dusky fairy wrasse 
I’ll try to get more photos up this week