Upgraded to a 125

Good morning!
I started out a year ago with a 20-gallon AIO; two clownfish and a cuc, no corals. I should have known that wouldn't be enough.
So, I recently upgraded to a 6-foot 125-gallon tank with a 29-gallon sump. My husband is working on building me a custom stand, he just has to finish putting the cabinet doors on but otherwise it came out really well. I cycled it in October (2022) and transferred everything in November, as well as added much more rock/sand and changed the lighting from what came with the AIO to two AI Hydra 32's (I'll need at least one more eventually, I know). My sump consists of filter socks, a refugium, some bubble traps and a lot of rock rubble.

My livestock is just the two OG clows and a Scopus tang. The CUC is a peppermint shrimp, one trochus snail, two nassarius snails, two turbo snails and five hermit crabs. It was two trochus but.. something ate one :')
January 7th, I started adding soft corals; I have two riccordea mushrooms, two zoas, and a rock of GSP that I want to build up on the back wall. I tried to put a Xenia on an island but it didn't make it; I've since been told that my nitrates are too low so I'm working on raising those and that xenia don't handle shipping well in general. I've also just ordered a few more softies; two Montipora caps, a frag of orange cloves and a Tyree rainbow stylophora that should be here this weekend.

I will post some photos and any advice would be greatly appreciated! Specifically on rockwork because I don't feel like there are a lot of hiding places in the way I have it set up but man, gluing things underwater is hard.


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