Tony's RSM C-250


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Started this tank 10 months ago. I've been enjoying it's challenges along the way. My impatience is my tanks biggest down fall.

I've added a few mods to the tank.
Mp-10 vortech.
Tunze ato.
A refugium I made for the heater chamber.
Green machine.
Hydra 26 and ai prime.

Decided not to put it on the stand it came with, we put it on our buffet.
With that being said I still have a few questions hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
The levels of the tank are in check.
But I'm still losing corals and still have cyano on my sand bed. I have done water changes (even though I don't believe in them).
I am using kalkwasser in my ato ro water.
I have things that are growing and doing great.
I think my lighting might need some adjustments. I'm running 4 of the T5s in the hood (2 whites, 2 blues). The hydra 26 and ai prime are outside of the hood at 6 and 1/2 inches from water line. (I know that is an inch and half from the minimum recommend hieght at 8 inches) I have the leds at 30% and the T5s running at the same time the leds have ramped up. Lights are on full bright (30%) for 6 hours with an hour ramp up and an hour ramp down. I believe that I may be burning some of the corals.

So let's do pictures.






Recommendations? Suggestions?

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Open the window behind the tank if you can. The fresh air will help raise the ph. I have little to no cyno in the colder months and mild cyno in the warmer.