The Coral Station is OPENING!

Our Soft Opening will be Jan 14th/15th weekend. Our hours will be 11 am until 5 pm. We will be running opening sales and starting our Grand Prize raffles.

All CORAL will be 15% off!!
All FROZEN FOOD will be 25% off
All REEF NUTRITION products will be 25% off

One free raffle ticket will be given per family. Additional raffle tickets will be available based on purchases ($1-100/101-500/500+ receive extra tickets). You can come to the SOFT and GRAND opening and get double tickets!

Raffle will be held upon the conclusion of the Grand Opening and posted on our FB page live.

GRAND OPENING is February 4th/5th!!! 11-5pm.

We will have drinks and snacks/food for all!

Grand prizes for the raffle!

1- A NIB Kessil AP9x
2- Sicce HP10 powerhead
3- Single and gorgeous Indo Gold Torch
4- 50 dollar gift certificate
5- 25 dollar gift certificate
6- Alveopora frag bi color
7- Alveopora frag pink or green
8- Rhodactis Mushroom frag (orange)

We are stocked and getting in more by the day! Here are some of the beauties we have in stock already!

It’s like going to a coral show without paying admission 🎉🎉 16 feet of ALL CORAL tanks and we will be growing to 30 feet soon!!!

Can’t wait to see you all at our new store!!!

4901 Keller Springs Rd Ste 104
Addison TX 75001


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