thank you shout out for Partner section updates

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Just wanted to do THANK YOU shout out to @Drex for helping coordinate updates in Partner section of Forum. Know it will take some time until website people swivel to recent suggestions, but you set wheels are in motion!
Underway Forum > Partner fixes for:
   - New Partners not yet showing up (ReefTrace app, more)
   - Existing Partners unable to access      ---- new thread posts unable to be created
   - Out of Date Partner to be removed (Marine Depot sold & closed) 
Drex, we are lucky to have you coordinating with and nudging them! Thank you, thank you!!
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Thank you Lisa but I can't take all the credit for this you played a big part in it aswell so here a big shout out to you aswell (THANK YOU LISA) for helping with getting this event  rolling and get the club rolling . Awesome work. And can't leave out Marc Levenson for adding some suggestions and leading us in the right direction. Can't wait to see alot of the club members I haven't seen in forever let get our club rolling in the place where we left it back when we were shut down because of Covid let's put it passed us and get the club in motion. I want to give all our members out there a big thanks for being patient with us while we went through this crazy pandemic there may be still some restrictions out there but now to bigger and better things go DFWMAS