Supplemental lighting poll

I was playing with my supplemental lighting on my tank. I have 2 T5's on my tank for my supplemental. Prior to me changing out any of the bulbs, I had 2 blue plus on my system.

If you vote, tell us why you voted for the photo that you like. Be as specific as possible, and maybe this will help out folks with some supplemental lighting questions :). Thanks for partaking!

Here is a photo of what I had on my system, with just the supplemental lighting on:

2 ATI Blue +:

Here it is with 1 ATI Blue Plus and 1 Fiji Purple:

Here it is with 1 Fiji Purple and 1 AquaBlue Plus made by Geismann(this photo doesn't do it justice, as the entire tank has a purple glow to it. Makes anything red really stand out):
You say supplemental - what are the main lights - MH?

I think it would depend upon what color your main lighting provides. (ie if you had a 14K or 20K or whatever bulb).

Thanks for the pics, lets us see them without buying a ton of bulbs.

I just ordered 2 Blue +, 1 Pure Actinic, and 1 6000K daylight - we'll see how it all looks but it is not supplemental - it is all the lighting!