Renmar's 30gal Rimless Buid

I couldn't just tear down my old system and not have anything left. So, I have decided to keep trucking on.

Yes, this means that I am getting another tank! I have myself a 30gal rimless RR tank, with the overflow in the middle of the tank. This is one of the DSA tanks.

Tank Dimensions : 24x24x12

Tank photos: (will send later on tonight from home)

Sump/Refug: I have kept on to my old one, I haven't decided if I want to swap it out for a 20gal tall, but will make that decision later on.

Skimmer: I will use my original skimmer that I kept on too!

Pumps for circulation: I got myself a nice little Vortech MP10 from the group buy we did. I am holding on to my QuiteOne 4000 for return pump (over kill), but I can dial it back.

Lighting: I think I am going to go with an ATI 24" 4x24W Powermodule T5 High-Output fixture.!_Bulbs_by_ATI

Stand: I am going to make my own stand for this particular system. I will get some schematics drawn up here soon, hopefully. Then I will post it later on. I believe I am going to hold on to the Power Supply Unit that I have and build it into the stand. The idea I have for the stand is that it will have a compartment that is seperate under the tank that is sealed off, accessable by a door on the side. I want to it this way so I can have access to any and all testing equipment, dosing chemicals, and anything else I can store there. Make it nice and clean!

I will also have a JBJ Auto-Top off, for when I ever go out of town. Plus the convience of knowing that everything is nice and snug under there.
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awesome...looking forward to it said:
Me too. Hopefully I will be able to get on the building of the stand here soon. We are moving on Friday, so nothing is being done this weekend, but hopefully soon. I get the MP10 in around August 22nd! I can't wait!
Well, this past weekend I had every intention of getting my stand started. However, I had a slight detour to the ER on Sunday. The only improvement on the build is that the vortech is in finally and I can go pick it up from Derek!

I have broken my ankle. Here's a pic of the detour I managed to take.

Before the cast ...

After the cast ...

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ouch- what happened?? crazy roller derby accident? said:
I wish that was the case, unfortnately it isn't. I did it swimming. I came out of a waterslide, went into the little 3ft pool it dumped into at an angle. When I did, the inside of my left foot hit the bottom of the pool. The force of my weight + the speed I was going and a sudden stop the pool was forcing me to take a broke ankle from the experience. :sad:
So, I forgot that I haven't shown any photos of the tank. There are also some photos of the 2x4's that I am building the stand out of. I was able to get the 2x4's cut for the proper lengths for the stand! Thanks to my wonderful wife for the assistance in my project!

Two Different views of the tank!






Ok, so I have some excitement going on. I was originally planning on building my stand, but I came into a situation where I broke my ankle. No building for me! So, my wife has talked me into having the stand build for the tank.

Disclosure: This isn't my tank!! This is what my stand will look like though! Custom made for me!! YAY! Thanks to T8T who gave me his dad's contact information as he s going to be the one building the stand! I copied some of his images from his build thread to give an idea of what the stand would look like.

Now, my system will not have a canopy on it, as I am getting the ATI light fixtures that I am going to hang over the tank.



I also received my pump for circulation. My pretty Vortech MP10!!! (Crappy photos.. taken on the myTouch 3G!



Looks good. Mr. Tate does a great job. If you get a chance to go talk with him, he's a lot of fun, especially if the cowboys are playing and they are losing. :lol:
hehe.... I talked to him yesterday on the phone. He was a lot of fun to talk too. I don't think I'll make it down there before the stand is done, that's one hell of a drive. I may make it down there to check out the stand as its being built.

Didn't you have a stand built by him, Chris? How long did it take for you to get it?
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hehe.... I talked to him yesterday on the phone. He was a lot of fun to talk too. I don't think I'll make it down there before the stand is done said:
Didn't take too long if i remember, but then again, I had other things to work on while it was being built.

I didn't see that you lived in Frisco, that would be one long drive indeed. Maybe if you are heading to Austin or SA?
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Didn't take too long if i remember said:
I don't ever go down there, but we are thinking about going to San Antonio sometime soon for Seaworld. Seeing as how my ankle is broken, I don't think we're doing that until it's better. I will make a trip one weekend down there to check it out. It's about an hour or so drive from me.
He He :lol: i was just browsing through some build threads killing time and the pictures caught me off guard...
" hey that looks like my... wait that is my... Cool!"
That's awesome that you are getting a custom built stand. have you decided what type of wood you are going with?
He has built some pretty nice gun cabinets in th past with Black Walnut and the trim pieces (where mine are black) are maple.
The blonde color of the maple against the black walnut looks killer. Where there are fluted columbs, at the tops were circle cut-outs with a maple star. Really cool pieces. I hope he gets back into it. He really is an artist as well as a craftsman.
I always urge him to take pictures so that people can post them in their build thread.
So... I will be on standby... watching and waiting to see how this turns out!
Good choice on builder... other than having sired the yahoo above me, Mr. Tate is a good guy and does really nice work.
Heehee... the custom stand is on hold as I broke my ankle. It is something I'm getting later on though. I'm having to go on FMLA.